The Edge Performance Network is the largest full-service Performance Marketing group in the World, and provides an international resource for clients who seek an integrated performance marking approach on a global level. The Edge Performance Network is vertically integrated, offering clients experience and expertise in all aspects of performance marketing, from analytics to strategy, creative and production, media planning and buying across all channels, as well as the industry’s best attribution and modeling capabilities.


Analytics & Attribution

Edge has invested heavily in proprietary attribution platforms that provide our agency and our clients with superior results attribution. We have the ability to perform stable analytics at the local market level - in every market, and we have unparalleled targeting sophistication.

Brand Response Advertising

Edge has a proven track record of helping our clients succeed by executing ROI based acquisition strategies resulting in unmatched levels of growth & profitability for our clients.

Over-the-shoulder image of a video editor in our content studio Creative & Production

Full in-house online and offline creative and production capabilities. Experienced brand creative directors and seasoned direct response producers work together to create a unique body of work that has a "brand" feel, but drives immediate consumer response.

Digital Commerce

Integrated platforms that allow brands to merchandise strategically and effectively.

Image of a tablet laying on a table ( a device where digital commerce occurs). Digital Marketing

Brands require a digital omnipresence so they are always ready to engage, convert and grow their customer base. We can help your business achieve this with digital offerings including display advertising, mobile media, email marketing, SEM & SEO, social media and more.

Direct Marketing

Lasting relationships that are built one loyal customer at a time.

Long & Short Form Media

From creative & production, to media buying & account management, data reporting & analysis, we have the proven ability to successfully manage your long and short form media campaigns from start to finish.

Person writing date on sticky note Media Management & Buying

Our end goal is delivering the strongest return on your media investment. Through intelligent planning and execution, and by employing the best negotiators in the business, we can effectively minimize risk and cost-per-transaction, while maximizing direct sales volumes.

Hand interacting with mobile device Mobile Marketing

Multicultural Media

Whether you are targeting Canada, the US Hispanic market, Latin America or Europe, Edge has the tools, experience and relationships to ensure the success of your multicultural campaign.

Out of Home

Print Media

Havas Edge works with clients to facilitate national, regional and local media buys. With our experience and diversified buying strategies, we know our clients receive the maximum value for their print media investment.


We tailor a comprehensive radio plan to exceed your goals. None of our media is purchased in bulk - it is specifically selected for each client at extremely competitive rates. From call center contact, to web tracking, to selecting the best voiceover for your audience, we believe in full campaign immersion.

Football field. Symbolizing strategy Strategy & Planning

We deliver exceptional results by crafting custom solutions that directly address business challenges. We leverage a robust set of databases and client data to inform our planning process. Once we understand the intricacies of your business, we create an integrated, multichannel campaign strategy.

Web interface of a brand design color palette Web Development

Websites, microsites, landing pages, digital & mobile UX / IA, e-commerce and more.


VantEdge Point
In order to analyze the substantial amount of data generated on a daily basis, we developed a state-of-the-art proprietary media analysis & results system called VantEdge Point®, which is maintained by a dedicated staff of programmers. With VantEdge Point®, we don’t have to speculate on our media purchases. It allows our buyers and planners to know exactly which stations and day parts are currently producing the greatest response in near real time. Our media buying and planning teams use over $6.5B in proprietary data to adjust the media strategy on a daily basis resulting in campaigns that reach their full revenue potential.
Revenue Attribution Modeling Platform
Our Revenue Attribution Modeling Platform (RAMP) provides us with unparalled intelligence for understanding TV viewership. It was designed to isolate and quantify key attribution variables enabling Edge to accurately determine which TV airings generated web activity.
Our proprietary systems suite, ARMalytics®, is unique and bespoke. Our RAPS and RAPSURE systems use real-time multi variant response analysis techniques that measure everything from front end web visits to total campaign ROI. and our Spotter system ensures that we optimize our clients’ upcoming campaigns efficiently.
Prosumers are leading-edge consumers making and breaking markets today. To understand a category, you have to follow these influencers very closely. Our Prosumer database of 55,000 people around the world allows us to predict future attitudes and trends.
This tool enables the crucial analysis of communication conventions. The in-depth study of visual and verbal codes allows us to identify emerging trends and fresh ways of looking at each category.
Brand Momentum
We track each brand’s position in the marketplace by measuring its traction against that of its competitor's. As in political polling, we can accurately measure brand consideration, or how consumers are likely to vote.
Creative Business Idea
The CBI is the foundation of our success in building great businesses. It generates differentiating ideas by bringing together strategic planners and clients in the most imaginative development process.